When we were still students at the HKU, we soon discovered we worked well together as a team: our skills match on a bigger perspective, but when zooming in, we all have our own specialisation. While we worked together as a team before we settled on Katpatat, we found that if it worked naturally and organically like that, we could also make it official: thus Katpatat was born!

We have three values that we like to implement in our work that we explain below:


Few things get us excited more than experimenting. Like a bunch of mad scientists we love to connect things that look illogical at first, but make sense once you connect them.


Once in a while we need to let our frustration out, frustrations that are build by things we think are unfair in the world, or that could be done better. Projects that have a social factor, helps us, but hopefully also help others deal with an issue.


We implement humor because it doesn't only feel natural to us, but it also makes some topics less heavy to tackle.


Just a simple developer


Patatjes 4 Life


Mainframe hacker